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3D Printed Food on its way

There are so many events happening in the food world that it’s difficult to keep up. While you might not have tried your bacon flavored seaweed, have you thought about the possibility of 3D printed food? This is a future of food which was heretofore unseen except by the likes of Star Trek.

The creativity that could be unlocked by this new technology is staggering. The fact that you can start trying out new foods with each other, or perhaps bioprint the rarest foods on the planet. That type of potential is staggering.

Fear not, though. We are only at the beginning of the route for this new food trend, and it will take many moons for us to reach the point where you’re just whipping up a bowl of mashed potatoes from absolutely nothing. The true miracles will lie within the presentation of the food and the other things which rely on creativity.

So, before you throw out your commercial deep fryers, convection ovens, mixing bowls and spoons, take the time to get a little better at the current tools of the trade. And, if you’re already there at the top of the food chain, take a few minutes and keep honing yourself. Challenges make that progress happen.

2015-07-24 00:00:00
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