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30 Restaurants Fined for Ignoring their Grease Traps

Grease interceptors remain vitally important installations in restaurants everywhere, as not having them could result in fines from local and county jurisdictions. That’s what at least 30 restaurants are finding out in Youngwood, Pennsylvania after ignoring letters from their local sewage authority.

The borough is complaining that there are only a couple of traps in place after letters were sent out in October. The grease that ends up in the sewage system requires extra care and patience to remove, making it much more of a hassle than it is to remove it at the restaurants, hence the need.

“The big problem is not that these people don’t’ want to install them. It’s getting a contractor to put them in.” Apparently, there are very few contractors who are able to install grease traps, as many of them rushed to the same one to get the job done. Right now, the fine is up to a possible $300 per day for pumping grease into the sewage system without a grease interceptor.

When it comes to grease and other foul things that restaurants produce, it’s up to the restaurant to remove them from the system. They cannot simply be flushed down the drain to let someone else handle the problem. Grease removal is an important issue for many municipalities, not simply this one.

2016-01-01 00:00:00
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