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3 Trends in Kids Menus

There as once a time when we could offer our kids fried chicken fingers and French fries in our restaurants and they would be happy.  Well, they would be happy, but their parents wouldn’t be because of the oil and fats that are in both of those tasty treats.  The health of our kids is important, and that’s being shown in many modern kids menus.

The National Restaurant Association conducted a survey with over 1,300 chefs from all over the nation about what they thought was going to be hot in 2015.  When it comes to our children, it’s all about going healthy or going home.

Chefs are confronting the obesity epidemic by storm. Instead of offering the fat fried fat that’s a nearly guaranteed crowd pleaser, they’re stretching the palates of children toward healthier options. We’re seeing items on the menu which are more parent pleasing.

The top trends in kid’s menus from the National Restaurant Association?

Baked, not fried.

Some of the same menu items are being offered, but instead of pulling them from the deep fryer they’re coming straight out of the convection oven.

Healthy kids meals

This is taking the bull by the horn and composing entire kids meals which have the things which kids love resting on them.  So, you might see smaller portions of baked chicken and turkey, broccoli, and a side of apples.


It’s entirely possible to have a salad that kids enjoy, it’s just got to have the right ingredients on it. Get your salad bowls ready.

The trends that you are seeing are not sudden. They are a result of years of seeing our children growing larger and larger  The sedentary lifestyles of adults are trickling over into the world of children, and our chefs are doing everything they can to combat it.

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