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Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range Natural Gas 60"W X 31"D X 57-3/8"H

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The Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range is a high-performance, natural gas-powered culinary workhorse designed specifically for busy restaurant environments. Equipped with ten powerful 32,000 BTU open burners and two spacious 26-1/2"W ovens, this range can handle the rigorous demands of any bustling kitchen. The durable stainless steel construction not only adds to its longevity but also provides a sleek, professional appearance. The incorporation of removable cast iron top grates makes cleaning simpler and more efficient. With an impressive total of 374,000 BTUs, this range ensures consistent and even cooking, ideal for a variety of dishes. Moreover, its safety features such as the pilot light and cETLus and ETL-Sanitation certifications ensure adherence to safety standards. The mobility provided by four casters allows for easy positioning in the kitchen, making the Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range a top choice for commercial cooking applications.

Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range Natural Gas Features

  • Ten 32,000 BTU open burners
  • Removable cast iron top grates for easy cleaning
  • Two spacious ovens each with adjustable chrome racks
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and cleanliness
  • Drip tray to contain spills and facilitate cleaning
  • Pilot light for increased safety
  • Four casters enabling mobility and flexibility in positioning
  • cETLus and ETL-Sanitation certified ensuring safety and sanitation compliance

Why use Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range Natural Gas

Selecting the Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range provides businesses with a robust cooking solution that enhances both efficiency and quality in food preparation. Its expansive burner space and oven capacity enable simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes, crucial for high-volume service periods.

Who uses this Range 60 Restaurant Gas

Chefs within fast-paced restaurants where quick, consistent cooking is essential utilize the AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range. It's an asset in establishments that value reliability and versatility in their kitchen appliances.

What are the benefits in using a Range 60 Restaurant Gas

A Range 60 Restaurant Gas like the Atosa AGR-10B-NG offers extensive cooking area, individualized heat control across multiple burners, consistent oven temperatures for baking perfection, easy maintenance features such as removable grates, and heavy-duty construction capable of withstanding daily professional wear.

Top Range 60 Restaurant Gas - High BTU Output

The Atosa AGR-10B-NG stands out as a leading option among Range 60 Restaurant Gas options thanks to its substantial combined BTU output of 374,000. This guarantees exceptional heating capabilities fit for high-volume culinary tasks.

Commercial Kitchen Gas Cooking Station - Stainless Steel Durability

A commercial kitchen gas cooking station such as this model exemplifies strength in design with materials like stainless steel that resist corrosion. It is also conducive to maintaining strict cleanliness standards vital in food service operations.

Commercial Kitchen Gas Cooking Station - For Professional Chefs

This type of gas range delivers broad utility through multiple high-powered burners and capacious ovens that enable chefs to craft gourmet meals efficiently without sacrificing attention to detail or taste quality.

Premium Quality Natural Gas Ranges - Enhance Your Commercial Kitchen Performance

Gastronomy professionals will recognize how a premium quality natural gas range constitutes a wise investment that can improve overall kitchen performance by supporting diverse menu offerings with its potent burners and adaptable oven configurations.

Finding Top-Rated Commercial Ranges For Restaurants

In your search for unrivaled culinary efficiency and consistency, identifying top-rated commercial ranges becomes paramount; these ranges enable streamlined operations suited for demanding restaurant services.

Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range Natural Gas Reviews

The Atosa AGR-10B-NG has attracted glowing reviews from chefs who applaud its reliability during peak hours, innate power yielding timely meal preparation, along with ease of maintenance owing to its user-friendly design aspects.

Atosa AGR-10B-NG CookRite Range Natural Gas FAQ

An FAQ might address what sets the Atosa AGR-10B-NG apart—its formidable BTU capacity suited for versatile dietary creations in high-demand conditions while assuring sustained utility through securely built components affirmed by industry recognized certifications.

What sizes are available for the ovens in the Atosa AGR-10B-NG?

The Atosa AGR-10B NG features two spacious ovens each measuring 26-1/2 inches wide that can accommodate various dish sizes for diversified menu options.

Can I move my Atosa gas range easily within the kitchen?

Yes; thanks to four sturdy casters included on the unit's underside which aid mobility for seamless relocation or cleaning around your restaurant's kitchen space.

Is there any certification regarding health standards associated with this range?

The Atosa cooktop indeed complies with health regulations as evidenced by its ETL-Sanitation certification; a testament to its suitability for safe food handling procedures.

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ETL Sanitation
ETL Sanitation
This item meets all sanitation standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.
Proposition 65
Proposition 65
Proposition 65 requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.
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Typically Ships in 2-3 Days!
    • (10) 32,000 BTU open burners
    • (2) 26-1/2"W ovens
    • (2) adjustable chrome oven racks per oven
    • (4) casters
    • CookRite Range
    • Natural gas